Sunday, June 16, 2013

Brief comments about the rest of the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

So I read this series so fast that I can’t even begin to give a proper review for each book.  They are all 5+ stars.  I read them so fast that I was a little bereft when they were done because I felt like I was missing some of my friends! I even read my first graphic novel!  I got these books from the library but plan to get them for my kindle but I want to re-read them and highlight all my favorite quotes.  It drove me nuts that I couldn’t find any spoilers out there to figure out the ending, but the entire series if you say anything it is pretty much a spoiler. 

I am going to talk briefly about Iced.  This is Dani’s book that takes place very soon after the end of Shadowfever.  Now there is some sort of Unseelie that is icing parts of Dublin and Ryodan wants Dani’s help trying to figure it out.  She has this friend, Dancer, who is a couple years older than her and I am pretty sure that he has a crush on her.  He is super smart, but not fast like Dani.  Christian is turning more and more Unseelie Prince everyday and for some reason he has decided that Dani is his.  Now there is Ryodan.  I can’t quite figure this guy out.  I think that is the way he is supposed to be, but most specifically I can’t figure out what he wants with Dani.  At parts, it seems like Christian, that Ryodan will wait for 15-year-old Dani to grow up and that was to be with her.  But a good part of this book, he is having sex with and then apparently having a relationship with a sidhe-seer, Jo.  Obviously, if he does want Dani, I don’t expect him to be celebate for the next five years, but he also shouldn’t be with Dani’s friend and I don’t want to read about it!  In Mac’s books, she got crapped on a lot, but I thought, “ok girl, buck up and march on, you’ve got a world to save.”  But with Dani, she kept getting crapped on and I just wanted her to teach everyone a lesson and just leave.  I wanted to tell her, “Dani, you don’t have to take this, just leave.” 

I hope that Dani is older when next we hear from her.  I hope that we hear from Mac and Barrons again.  

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