Monday, April 13, 2015

Dead Heat (Alpha and Omega Book 4)

4.5 Stars

I have been waiting anxiously for this book forever!  I wish the book writing process didn’t take so long.  Obviously for the author I get how and why it takes a while to get their story out of their head and onto paper, but all the stuff that happens afterward with editing and covers, etc…blah!  But I want my books, so alas, I must wait.  Of course these days there are soo many great authors out there to divert my attention away from waiting.

This is the continuation of Charles and Anna’s story.  I prefer Mercy and Adam, but I love this world and Charles and Anna are great characters too.  The story actually doesn’t start with a problem that Charles has to go fix.  The problem finds him and is actually much bigger than originally thought.  Charles and Anna are going somewhere warm (now I can’t remember, Arizona, New Mexico?) to pick out a horse for Anna and for Charles to say goodbye to a good friend who is sick. 
They end up in the thick of a problem that starts on the outskirts of a pack in this area.  Charles is familiar with this pack and members and thus gets called in to take a look.  The friend of Charles' that is sick is the son of the pack alpha.  He never wanted to be turned and this is a point of contention between Charles and the alpha.  The problem starts with the granddaughter-in-law of this local pack alpha (whom this alpha never liked).  From there it goes in so many directions, but the story goes back to the Fae (typical nasty little buggers).  The Fae are supposed to be in hiding so this is making things interesting.  Can’t wait for the next installment!  

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