Monday, April 13, 2015

Recurve (The Elemental Series Book 1) by Shannon Mayer

4.5 stars

I was hoping this series would be as captivating as the Rylee series.  The story starts out in a dream.  I wasn’t completely captivated by the dream, but I get why it needed to be there.  From this dream we can understand the entire backstory of the main character.  After this point I was hooked.  I hate books or movies where the main character is repeatedly dumped on, but it wasn’t overbearing in this book.  Perhaps because Larkspur (main character) handles it so well. 

Larkspur is an illegitimate child of the king.  Larkspur is an earth elemental, but has no abilities to speak of with the earth.  She is judged and degraded because of this.  She doesn’t live with the other kings children and has a very tenuous relationship with the queen (obviously not her mother).  Lark has no other family and few friends.  She does have a boyfriend who luckily is not present often as he is overbearing and unlikeable (probably on purpose). 

The real story begins when Lark goes to her father during her “regularly scheduled time” to sit beside him as he hears complaints from his subjects.  There is a farmer who is having trouble with his trees.  There is a sickness that is spreading.  Lark feels for the farmer as planting is her only skill.  She ends up dismissed for the night from her father, but summoned by the queen to her chambers.  This sets off the entire series of events as this night Lark is accused of attacking the queen.  Her only options after this are banishment or training to become an Ender (the King’s guard…or as Lark soon learns…the queen’s guard). 

Banishment is out of the question and Lark actually looks forward to being an Ender.  She would finally have a place in her father’s kingdom.  Obviously the training is gruesome and even more so for Lark without her natural powers with the Earth.  Her training actually goes well, but things in the rest of the kingdom are not.  The disease with the trees is spreading to the elementals and soon Lark finds herself as one of the only ones who can help the people.

Wonderful story.  I loved every second of it.  Can’t wait for the second one.    

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