Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lady Danger (The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch #1) by Glynnis Campbell

3 stars

I admit I am a sucker for a good historical romance set in Scotland.  This book was free so I snatched it up while the deal lasted.  I love the premise of the story.  Three warrior sisters protecting their land and family.  The first book follows Deirdre who is the oldest.  The sisters have just found out that one of them has been betrothed to a Norman knight.  They clearly have no respect for this man they haven’t met yet, but each plans to take the burden for their own.  Deirdre of course wins out and ends up married to this man who has also become the steward of Rivenloch in the process.  What comes next is a series of battles.  Will against will.  Pagan thinks Deirdre should stay in the castle and handle the domestic things.  Deirdre plans to continue to train her warriors.  Of course it is a romance so we know how it will end.

I am not sure if I will read the second book or not.  From what I read about Helen (the second sister) I am not sure I would enjoy her as a heroine.  She is also a warrior like Deirdre, but is very hot headed.  We already know she is to be involved with Colin from the first book.  However, I do want to read more about Miriel (youngest sister).  She has lots of secrets and seems to be the most interesting.  Just not sure if I can skip the second book and not miss out on the story line. 

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