Monday, April 27, 2015

Ferran's Map (The Cat's Eye Chronicles #4) by T.L. Shreffler

4 Stars...

This is the fourth book in the series.  I really enjoyed every aspect of it…except for the ending.  In my review for book 2 I explained that it felt like the author cut the story off at a random spot just to create a book 2 and 3 although book 2 didn’t feel complete.  It was even more evident in this book.  The entire time the group’s goal in going to The City of Crowns was to recover The Book of the Named and deal with Cerestes.  It is only now that I write this that I realize that they did recover The Book of the Named, but it feels lost in the overall storyline.

The book starts out with the group sailing up the Crown Rush (river leading to the capital city).  Sora works on meditating to get connected with her necklace again.  The author must plan for something spectacular to happen once Sora connects fully with the cat’s eye in the last book because this also just feels lost in the storyline.  Another review said that in this book Sora and Crash finally admit to their feelings.  I didn’t feel this strongly about their encounters.  Their interactions were definitely more bold than in previous books as far as what they said to one another, but it is also unfinished.  Sora spends more time without Crash than in any other book.  She runs into Lord Seabourne from the first book and becomes determined to get information about her “father’s” death.  I really don’t understand why she risks so much for this.  The encounter turned out very interesting, but I found Sora to be annoying as she pursued this.      

Crash is being confronted with his past and is struggling to keep his focus.  His old Grandmaster is trying to recruit him and it is deeply appealing to the lost little boy Cerestes left behind.  The entire group begins to doubt his loyalties, but Sora doesn’t want to believe any of it.  It becomes apparent that Cobra has a secret vendetta.  The Shade is only a cover for him to accomplish this.  Krait is desperate for the approval of her Grandmaster and the reader can only hope that she isn’t too annoying as she comes to the realization that Cerestes doesn’t care for her and she needs to make her own way.  Caprion has never trusted Crash and he is gaining evidence to support this throughout the book. 

I did thoroughly enjoy the time spent with Ferran and Lori.  I love Ferran.  In this book, he took the place of Crash as my favorite hero.  The backstory on Ferran was very interesting.  Lori was slightly more annoying with her encounters with Ferran in this book.  This is something I struggle with as a reader.  I find that when heroines don’t react in a way I can understand to be annoying.  I don’t have this same issue with heroes. 

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