Monday, April 13, 2015

Soaring (The Magdalene Series Book 2) by Kristen Ashley

4 Stars
This book felt more like the Kristen Ashley of old.  Not a lot happened as far as too much drama between hero/heroine once they got together.  I still wish her books had more action like the Rock Chick series. 

This book follows Mickey (we met him in the first book).  A woman moves in next door to him.  Her name is Amelia (love it) but he gives her a nickname (Amy…meh).  His first encounter is when her ex-husband is at her front door yelling at her.  Mickey makes it clear to Conrad that he should move on.  From here Mickey and Amelia have a very rocky start.  She moved her to be close to her children.  After her divorce with Conrad she lost the tight relationship that she had with them through many of her own actions.  Her main goal is to get her children’s affections back.  Eventually Mickey and Amelia find their way to each other and I must say that is my favorite part of the book.  Everything that happens between Mickey and Amelia until they get together is MAGIC!  After this point, I won’t say it goes downhill, but it is definitely less interesting.  There is still drama:  between Amelia and her kids, Amelia and her ex, Mickey and his ex, Mickey and his kids, Amelia’s kids and Mickey’s kids, Mickey and Conrad, Amelia and Conrad’s new wife.  It’s all in there.   I just cared about it less once Mickey and Amelia got together.  Still, it felt more real to me and less cookie cutter than some of her other more recent works.  Can’t wait for Coert’s story (I don’t even know now to pronounce that name!).  There is already fireworks going for that man! 

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