Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Viper’s Creed (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles #2) by T.L. Shreffler

5 Stars

I dove right into this book after finishing the first one (and am currently reading the third one as I write this).  I actually liked this book even better than the first, except for one thing…the ending.  It wasn’t that the ending was bad.  If there is one thing I hate the most is a bad ending, which for me means a sad ending.  I don’t read books in order to feel the sadness and hopelessness of others’ lives.  Although I don’t mind when this happens in the middle of a book, but I need my hero/heroine to overcome their struggles.  Not everyone has to be happy, but I need my hero/heroine to at least be content.  My next least favorite things in books are love triangles and cliff hangers.  No love triangles here (thank goodness), but there was a major cliff hanger.  The more I think about it, I don’t think the author meant it to be that way.  The first book felt more complete because the object was to get away from Volcrian through the swamp.  This was accomplished and Sora met her mother.  The ending wasn’t amazing simply because Burn and Crash left, but this being the first book I knew I would see them again so it was good for me.  The ending of the second book just feels unfinished.  Ok I will give you a quick summary first…

Sora is with her mother and learning the healing arts.  They have noticed livestock falling sick to an unknown disease, but it is not until they come across a farmer that is showing the signs of a magical curse rather than a biological disease.  At this point they decide that Sora must travel to find Burn and Crash, they must destroy the weapons of the dark god and destroy Volcrian.  This is the quest for the entire book.  To do this they learn they must travel to the lost isles so as a reader you expect to read about them finishing this quest, but that is not to be.  I think that in this third book we will get some resolution, but still not sure how much.  It is as though the author had too long of a story and needed to split it up somewhere.  Other than this part, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this story.  It seems like there might be something building between Sora and Crash.  Nothing has happened yet, but she is becoming more aware of him as a man.  She still sees all his flaws, but is also getting glimpses of a man who seems to care for her (at least sometimes).  I do hope something develops here.    

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