Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley (The Three Series #3)

4 Stars

I was really looking forward to reading this book.  I not only wanted to know what was next in this fight amongst the supernaturals, but I wanted to meet this third couple.  I wanted to meet the vampire/werewolf hybrid and his lady.  The previous books were so amazing maybe my expectations were too high?  It was a disappointment, but it was long and at the end I didn’t feel like a lot happened.  This author started writing with the Rock Chick Series which is very action packed.  It is one thing after the next.  This felt like a lot of waiting.

Lilah is a biker chick and she is one a trip to a biker haven.  She immediately gets into some pretty deep trouble.  This is where she meets Abel.  He is our vampire/werewolf hybrid.  They are immediately drawn to one another in a very deep way.  Lilah is thrown into the supernatural world in a way that she can’t deny that it exists.  The larger fight between the good and bad supernaturals is soon brought to their doorstep and they must decide to stay and fight or to run.  After this they spend much of their time on a compound that is safe from the bad guys.  The ultimate showdown involves all the couples, but centers around Lilah. 

Besides wanting more action, I didn’t like the chemistry between Lilah and Abel as much as the other two couples in the series.  I can’t even describe why, I just didn’t feel as strong of a connection. 

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