Monday, February 16, 2015

Seducing Destiny (The Fae Chronicles Book $) by Amelia Hutchins

4 Stars

This book picks up right where the third book left us.  The mages are still trying to destroy Faery and bring down all the fae.  Synthia is very pregnant with twins.  Ryder is very protective of her.  Ristan is still going between Faery and the Guild to try to help Alden.    There is a lot of action that happens.  There is treachery afoot and it is coming from within.  I was able to guess who the culprit was but that wasn’t too difficult.  I was happy to see that situation resolved.  Synthia ends up in the hands of the mages and her brother Faolan while sheis still pregnant.  He is even more unstable that we previously believed.  For Synthia and Ryder’s babies to live they have get Faery to accept them and Danu to bless them.  Obviously Danu will bless them as she is Synthia’s mother. 

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the lesser fae and all the high drama and action that happens in this book.  What has grown tiresome is the sex, sex, sex between Ryder and Synthia.  I actually find myself paging forward in my kindle until it is over! Outrageous I know. 

There is not much I can say about the storyline because so much happens that most of it would contain spoilers.  I will say in the end we are still fighting the mages, but perhaps more of the Guild is aware of their infiltration than before.  There is action with Synthia and the mages/Faolan, there is action with Synthia and Danu, there is action with Synthia and the Guild, and there is action with the Light Fae. 

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