Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Into the Darkness (Darkness #1) by K.F. Breene

3 Stars

I really liked the premise of this book.  Sasha has kept her secrets her whole life.  She found out very young that if she told others that she saw people no one else saw that she would be returned to the foster system and even sent to counseling.  The night her whole family died is the first night she saw them and she has continued to see these “shadow people” ever since.

Things start to get weird for her and her boyfriend one night when she actually starts interacting with them.  Where the story got off track for me is the complete and utter obsession with sex that the rest of the book takes on.  It doesn’t appear to serve any purpose in the storyline except to allow sex to be written about extensively.  The main character has a boyfriend that she is very attached to.  She is willing to go into deadly situations to save him and yet she is thinking about sex constantly with “The Boss” who seems to have very little respect for her. 

“The Boss” and all these shadow creatures are invading Sasha’s world.  Some appear to be good (or at least not trying to kill her) and some are definitely bad.  She makes a lot of stupid decisions.  The book is very short and seems more like an intro into this new world rather than a complete storyline.  I would have liked less obsession with sex and more fleshing out of the characters.  I am still debating whether I want to give the second book a chance.  I think there could be a great series hidden behind all the mindless alien obsessed sex. 

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