Monday, February 2, 2015

Burned: Fever Series Book 7 by Karen Marie Moning

4.5 Stars

This book was so much more than I expected, but at the same time it left me desperately wanting.  I read the sixth book in the series where Dani was the protagonist, but I did not enjoy it as much as the rest of the series.  For one, it was written from the voice of a fourteen year old.  Obviously Dani was fourteen and therefore it should sound like that, however, that does not mean I want to read a book in her head.  I did not enjoy Ryodan and overall number 6 was a letdown.  I had originally heard that book seven was going to be Dani’s book as well.  Someone evil told me Dani doesn’t age in the silvers or something crazy and ends up with Dancer.  I did not want to read that!

Book seven is mostly from Mac’s point of view (which I love), but it also had snippets from Barrons, Lor, Dani, Jada, and the sidhe-seer who is running the Abbey now (I can’t remember her name).  Often times this can be annoying as the reader will often not be an interested in what these secondary characters are experiencing.   I actually really liked most (read: “most”) of these side characters narration times and the ones I didn’t care as much for where blessedly brief and therefore enjoyable for the snippet of insight it delivers. 

There is so much that happens in this book that can’t even be discussed because it would be beyond spoilers.  This is book seven and we are just now learning a LOT of new information.  I can’t even tell you the sneaky way we get this information because that would be spoiling as well.  I can say: 1.) I didn’t find Dani as annoying as I usually do, 2.) I have a new found respect for Ryodan and 3.) the beginning is going to rock your socks off! 

My main problem and why I say, "it left me desperately wanting," is that it didn't feel like a complete book.  Usually in this series, the author delivers and then some on the storyline.  I can't say that a tremendous about of information wasn't provided and I loved every second of it, but when I read the last page it didn't feel like the last page.  I checked a couple times so I am pretty sure it was.  I also despise cliffhangers so that is part of the problem.  

That is all I can say…  

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