Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones (Charley Davidson #7)

5 Stars

The sixth book didn’t quite feel complete so I was worried when I saw the size of this one on my kindle that it would feel like another part of a whole that I was missing.  It is quite expensive so I feel like I deserve a lot of bang for my buck.  I’m not sure if it is worth the $11 for my kindle version but I devoured it in just a few days regardless.

We learned in the last book that Charley’s dad is up to something.  Her stepmother won’t tell her what he was up to but seemed to blame Charley for this.  We find out what he is up to in this book, but I am left a little confused at the end of the book.  The Vatican plays some part in it but I don’t think it is the nefarious part.

Charley’s ex-bestie from high school is still hanging around.  She actually makes some advances in that I don’t find her quite as annoying but I do find her infatuation with Reyes annoying. 

At the very beginning of the book Charley solves a case for Agent Carson.  It doesn’t move the storyline along at all, but does play into how busy Charley always is.  It makes me tired just reading it!

A priest comes to see Charley about a house that is being possessed.  He wants her help.  This is where we first hear about the Vatican, but again it is very vague. 

I think the best thing about this book is that Charley seems to be understanding or at least attempting her skills.  She is very powerful.   Reyes, Garrett, and Osh are her constant companions.  Charley trusts Osh completely but it doesn’t appear Reyes does.  My prediction is Osh is around for the offspring of Reyes and Charley somehow.  I don’t think it is anything nefarious though. 

There is a lot of other stuff that goes on in this book as all of Charley’s books, however I wish there was more happening with the bigger picture.  I really love these books but is the author dragging this out?    

Funny Quote:
“I was growing quite annoyed with the lot of them, if two could be considered a lot.  It was kind of iffy, kind of like how two crows was only an attempted murder.”


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