Thursday, August 1, 2013

What am I reading now?

How can you even ask me that question?  Two days ago, the husband/wife writing team of "Ilona Andrews" released the latest installment in the Kate Daniels series!  Why haven't you bought it already?  Make haste!  The only problem with reading a superb book like this is that when it is finished I always feel a bit bereft.  Like I was just hanging out with my besties, but then I wake up and realize my besties aren't real!  Then, of course, one must make their way through the drudgery of finding another book to read which can't possibly live up to the book you just finished.

Favorite quote so far:
" Jarek is like our Mahon. He's all about dynasties and alliances.  It's killing him that he doesn't have a son."

Mahon sighed, "Wait until you live as long as I have.  And I have a son.  I just wasn't is first father, that's all."

Curran grinned.   

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