Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lady Bess by Claudy Conn

3.5 Stars

I have been in Tennessee visiting my grandparents. My grandfather ended up having surgery so my dad and I went for a visit. I have two reviews to impart because of my imposed absence from technology on the mountains in Tennessee where I have to walk to the end of my grandparents driveway just to get cell phone reception.

I think this is one of the newer releases for Claudy Conn. This particular one follows the characters Lady Bess and The Earl of Dunkirk. He is a confirmed bachelor who must marry and therefore wants a marriage of convenience so he can go on his merry way. She is waiting for the love of her life and finds the Earl to be that man. We get to be in the minds of both these characters as they begin to understand their feelings for one another. There is additional intrigue in that there is a little boy who is kidnapped and Lady Bess believes she knows where he is and goes after him. Once he is rescued they must make sure he stays rescued for the danger comes close to home for this boy. Another danger is that there is another lady who has her eye set on the Earl and plans to do whatever it takes to marry him.

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