Friday, August 2, 2013

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels #6)

5  Stars

I read this book in three days! I was torn between wanting to read it as fast because I NEEDED to know what was going on and wanting to read it as slow as possible so that my fantasy besties could live in my mind longer. There is so much that goes on in this book. My husband asked me, “What’s happening now?” because I told him one evening after work, “No talking tonight, only reading!” He knew it was serious time! But what can you say to that? “What is happening now?”, he asks me. My response? “Everything! Everything is falling apart! Now hush!”

So in the beginning, the pack finds themselves in need of panacea. This is the stuff that can prevent and reverse the youngsters from going loup. They are presented with an opportunity to acquire the coveted and impossible to get panacea. The problem is that they know it is a trap, but the panacea is one thing they have to risk the trap to get to. They find themselves going to the Black Sea to guard a pregnant lady. There are so many surprises when they get there and while the trap is obvious, they find that there is a bigger game afoot and they are not at all sure what it is.


Kate is coming closer to meeting her father. I am so nervous for her. I think that Roland is more powerful than she can imagine. At times I think Kate is the best of the best and then at times she seems so weak I want her to run from her life and hide in a tiny hole so no one can find her. She is put through a lot of emotional stuff in this book with the pack and Curran. I wanted to punch him numerous times. While the reason for his behavior is probably the only reason I would accept as a possible explanation, I still think it was terrible and awful! Kate was humiliated repeatedly. She behaved so maturely and I loved that about her. Her heart was breaking, but she carried on. I am pretty sure if I was her that would have been some bloodshed.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that I felt that the situation with Lorelei was not resolved sufficiently. I loved the scene at the last dinner when Lorelei came over to the head table, but I needed more than that. She is a stupid girl who needed things spelled out for her about her situation.

There were so many quotes and scenes in this book that I loved. I think I highlighted more on my kindle for this book than I ever have before. I love how the authors put phrases from The Lion King and The Princess Bride in the conversations. Although I think the Lion King reference was from the Curran Panty Party POV I just read. Regardless, I love it! I will still attempt to put one of my favorite quotes on here:

For the first time in months I felt completely alone.

I know, it’s short and tells you nothing, but at the same time it sets the tone for this book. Kate is in a castle with her pack and three others and yet she feels alone. The kind of alone that she used to pursue with deadly intent to keep herself safe and secret, but she let go of this when Curran came along. But its back…

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