Wednesday, July 17, 2013

With Everything I Am by Kristen Ashley (The Three Series #2)

5 Stars

I loved this sucker even better than the first one. For reasons discussed in my review for the first book in the series (Until the Sun Falls From the Sky) I had put off reading the first book. I read the summary for this book and still wasn’t crazy about starting this series! The summary states that the werewolf king finds his mate, but she is human and dying of an illness. Yuck! What a downer! I am so glad I got started on this series and didn’t let the summary deter me for much longer.

Sonia Arlington is human and does have a rare disease that is killing her. She has to take injections nightly and these are painful. At the beginning of this story Sonia is being attacked by some badies and Callum (aforementioned werewolf king) comes to the rescue. Then she is whisked off to a cabin where she spends her time trying to escape her delusional kidnapper. Callum, being king, is used to taking and ordering, not asking for anything. Sonia is whisked around at his whims, and fights falling for this big, bossy jerk!

My biggest complaint about this book is that there were a lot of misunderstandings. Some were intentional by key players in order to play out the prophesy as it is supposed to unfold. But Callum doesn’t tell Sonia how he feels about her. Sonia hears Callum’s brothers talking at the beginning and learns a lot of stuff that hurts her feelings. But she doesn’t bring it up, she just uses it to keep herself from falling for him. There are other times when she buries stuff until she explodes! I am not a big fan of misunderstandings keeping people apart so that was frustrating.

Overall, I loved this book. There was so much heart break in this one. It makes what Lucien and Leah went through in the first book seem trivial. The ending was not expected so I enjoyed that! I would love for Ryon, and Callum’s brothers, Calder and Caleb to get their own books too. Especially, surly Calder! He needs a dose of lose-your-mind-and-your-logic-because-you-have-fallen-in-love!

Favorite Quote: Callum to Sonia

“If I could have wished what I thought was my perfect mate on the wind and had her come back to me in a storm, I could never have come up with anything as exquisite as you.”

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