Saturday, September 28, 2013

Three Wishes by Kristen Ashley


6 Stars

I admittedly am a bit smitten with Kristen Ashley’s writing, but this book blew me out of the water.  I often read reviews for her books where people say that it brought them to tears often.  This is not me.  I do not cry at movies and rarely cry at books.  I won’t tell you the first book I remember crying at because it is so embarrassing (ok…fine.  I’ll tell you.  It was…darn it, I can’t remember the name of it.  Whatever the second Twilight book is called.  Don’t judge me, that book devastated me!)  Anyway, there were so many times in this book that I was fighting back the tears.  It was perfect!  I loved everything. 

Brief Summary:

The story starts out with heartbreak for the grandmother of the main character.  We spend a small amount of time with this storyline to set the stage for the main character and…the genie!  Yes a real genie is brought out of his little bottle to grant three wishes.  Unlike most people however, Lily’s grandmother doesn’t use her wishes and the wishes pass on to her daughter who does use one then the remaining two pass to Lily.  Lily uses a wish when she is fourteen.  The main story starts up when Lily is twenty-two when she meets Nate McAlister.  Their time is a whirl wind that ends after just two weeks when tragedy strikes Lily’s life in too many ways to count.  Then, like many KA books, years pass before our Lily and Nate meet again and this is where the waterworks start!  The reunion was so perfect and heartbreaking!  I went back and re-read it a few days later. 


I don’t think I need to write much here.  I think you get that I loved this book.  I loved Lily the best out of all KA heroines.  She went through so much!  She didn’t do anything to annoy me, except maybe forgive Nate too quickly when he was being a jerk (and when he decides to be a jerk he is the jerkiest of all big jerks!) 

(One of) My Favorite Quotes:

“Nathaniel is the name of a gentleman, a genius, a man of means and power.  Nate is just a name.  And my Nathaniel is a Nathaniel.” –Victor Roberts about his son, Nate McAlister

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