Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright (Phoenix Pack#1)


3 Stars

I started and stopped reading this book about half a dozen times before I managed to finish it.  This doesn't mean it was terrible, it just meant that whenever I stopped reading it, I didn't particularly want to pick it back up again.  The summary listed for the book sounded intriguing and I like the idea of what the author was going for.  There was too much smexy stuff for me though.  My biggest complaint was actually the heroine.  I couldn't stand her.  Side characters kept describing her as “spirited”, but she just annoyed me.  I think she was supposed to be funny with all her sarcastic comments, but obviously I didn't find it funny.  I am sure others would find her funny though so if you like excessively sarcastic heroines, then this is the book for you. 

Brief Summary:

Taryn is a latent alpha.  This means she can’t shift into her wolf form and gets a lot of negative attention because of this.  She is the daughter of an alpha pack leader who is trying to auction her off to another alpha whom Taryn can’t stand.  A way out presents itself in the form of another alpha who offers Taryn a proposition.  Taryn can’t decide if she is jumping from the frying pan into the fire, but takes this known psychopathic alpha wolf up on his offer to be his temporary alpha female.  All sorts of dramas unfurl from here.  I like the story line immensely which is why the book still gets three stars.


Besides Taryn being so annoying to me there were a couple other things that I didn't like.  There are members of Taryn’s new alpha mate (Trey Coleman) pack who don’t like Taryn.  They make numerous comments throughout the book to Taryn in front of Trey about how unsuitable she is, or inferior, or unwanted.  Even taking out the whole alpha male wanting to protect his mate, any normal person in a relationship wouldn't let others talk to their significant other the way that Trey lets people talk to Taryn.  I think one time he chastises Selma (yuck…do not like her!) and one time gets in Kirk’s face.  He should have nipped this in the bud long ago.  Every time he let someone say hurtful things to Taryn he dropped lower in my opinion.  I'm glad I finally finished this book, but I doubt I will read more in this series.

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