Monday, September 16, 2013

Taken by the Cowboy by Julianne MacLean

This book was bundled together with 4 others books under the title of “bodyguard themed romances” and it was only $0.99 so I didn’t think too hard about purchasing it. I decided to review each book individually though. This is the first book in the bundle. It is a time traveling romance as well which I quite enjoy, although time travel can be difficult to write because it is hard to write the reactions correctly to finding oneself in another time. You don’t want to overdo the denial so much that the character is annoying but you don’t want them to accept something this bizarre too quickly either. This author, I think, put the perfect amount of confusion, denial, acceptance into the main character finding herself in the wild, wild, west.

Jessica Delaney lost her brother a year ago to a gunshot wound to his chest. The actual incident isn’t covered much except to let the reader know how much this situation scarred Jessica. Jessica also recently broke it off with her fiancée. He turned out to be a shallow, greedy jerk (go figure!). She gets into a car accident and finds herself in Dodge City (yes the Dodge City, but under new management, Wyatt Earp is not the sheriff now). Jessica manages to find herself the topic of the gossip column as a gunslinger and acknowledges and collects a reward for killing Left Hand Lou. The new sheriff, Truman Wade has a dark past (like all good heroes should) and pushes Jessica away every chance he can remember (when he isn’t making out with her).

I loved the ending. It didn’t turn out the way one would expect (with either the heroine staying or the hero accompanying the heroine back), but don’t worry there is still a HEA for all (although I honestly questioned this for hot minute).

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