Friday, May 31, 2013

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning (Fever Series #1)

4.5 Stars

I know…I am behind the times and incredibly slow to jump on this bandwagon. I am appropriately ashamed of myself. I read this first book in the series in one day, then immediately jumped into the second book so I will try my hardest to keep my thoughts straight from one book to the next.

We are introduced to Mackayla Lane in this book. Right at the beginning, Mac (Mackayla) learns that her older sister and best friend has been murdered. Alina (aforementioned murdered sister/bestie) was studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. The police know nothing, and the murder is especially horrific. Mac belatedly receives a frantic last voicemail from Alina that leads her off to Dublin herself to try to get some answers and justice for Alina. She isn’t there long before she starts seeing things…that shouldn’t be possible. Incredibly gorgeous people that melt into hideous beasts. She thinks she is going crazy and no one is especially helpful or friendly. She ends up lost and wanders into “Barrons Books and Baubles” and thus is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…or something. Barrons is the one who explains to Mac (or Ms. Lane as he calls her) that what she is seeing are Unseelie Fae and she is a sidhe-seer. Mac is slow to accept this and almost gets herself killed a couple times.

Mac and Barrons form an uneasy alliance and Mac moves into the bookstore. They begin a quest to find one of the Unseelie Hallows (think ancient relics of immense power) when Barrons discovers that Mac can sense these objects. They visit a variety of unsavory characters in their quest and Mac makes more than a few enemies along the way.


Mac was, at times, hard to like. She has blonde hair, pink is her favorite color, and her nails always match her outfit. She is incredibly shallow, and only becomes slightly less shallow as the book moves on. Since this is a series, I can only imagine that the author wants to take us, not only on a great storytelling adventure, but on a journey through self discovery for Mac (and probably Barrons too!) Barrons also isn’t incredibly likeable. I can tell from reading reviews for the other books in the series (that is right, I seek out reviews hoping to get spoilers…that is just how I roll), that Barrons must grow on the reader, but in the first book he is distant, bossy, and aggressive. He leaves bruises when he touches her and grabs her by the throat. Mac realizes he is the lesser of the evils and that he at least wants to keep her alive, even if it is for his own selfish reasons.

I can’t put my favorite quote here because I got these books at the library so there was no easy way to highlight like on my kindle. :(

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