Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Magic Dreams by Ilona Andrews

Magic Dreams
This is a novella about Jim and Dali.  Jim has always been just ok for me so I didn’t rush to read his novella.  I have always liked him as a secondary character, but as a hero for Dali?  I wasn’t sure.  As usual, I should just trust that whatever comes out of these author’s minds will be golden. 
This story follows Dali who is a “mystical white tiger” with bad eyes and some magic of her own.  Jim comes to her for help.  There is a shapeshifter outpost run by four pack members, but they haven’t checked in.  Jim went to check on them, but now is falling asleep and can’t remember things (so not Jim).  Dali has the hots for Jim, and is willing to do whatever to help him.  She takes him to her mother because something is wrong and they come up with a plan to save him.  Dali ends up saving his behind which is just what that werejaguar needs. 
I absolutely loved this little novella.  I didn’t want it to end.  I loved the interactions between Jim and Dali and Dali and her mother and Jim and Dali’s mother. 
Favorite Quote:  Jim as going to the Underground…
“I don’t care if he’s part dragon.  If he looks at you like that again, Ill cut his face off.”

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