Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update for Magic Gifts at the end of Gunmetal Magic. Awesome!

When I wrote my review for Gunmetal Magic I hadn’t read “Magic Gifts” (or was it “Magic Gift”) which is the novella at the end of Gunmetal Magic.  From what I can see, this is the only place that you can read “Magic Gifts” so it is like a pretty surprise.  I would pay for both Gunmetal Magic and Magic Gifts so it is a win/win for me. 
Magic Gifts is basically what Kate and Curran are doing during Gunmetal Magic.  I am glad that the authors wrote this, because they were conspicuously absent when the world was almost destroyed by an ancient Egyptian god.  It starts out with Kate and Curran on a date.  They go to a restaurant that has two vampires outside which means there are two journeymen inside eating.  A lot of drama goes down immediately at the restaurant and results in Kate and Curran racing the magic/tech shifts to save a little boys life.  It also explains how Hakon in Gunmetal Magic knows Kate already. 
Every second is worth it!  The reader even gets a little bit of Kate and Curran alone time (which doesn’t happen very often).  If I was dragging my feet about Gunmetal Magic I would buy it just for this novella at the end.  Of course, Gunmetal Magic is awesome in its own right. 
Favorite Quote: Between Kate and Curran:
He grinned.  “You’re jealous.”
I considered it.  “No.  But when you stared at that woman like she was made of diamonds, it didn’t feel very good.”
“I stared at her because she smelled strange.”
“Strange how?”
“She smelled like rock dust.  Very strong dry smell.”  Curran put his arms around me.  “I love it when you get all fussy and possessive.”
“I never get fussy and possessive.”

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