Thursday, May 23, 2013

Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier (Sevenwaters Series #4)

5  Stars

I love the Sevenwaters series! I absolutely loved Daughter of the Forest and Son of the Shadows did not disappoint. I didn’t love Child of the Prophecy as much as the first two so I was hoping that Heir to Sevenwaters would be able to capture these great feelings again for me.

This story takes place just four years after Child of the Prophecy. It is obvious that the reader knows the story of Child of the Prophecy but that the main character (who would have been just a child during that story) does not know those circumstances. This story is about Clodagh who we first met as a twelve year old in Child of the Prophecy. She has a twin, Dierdre and they can communicate with their minds. Dierdre is getting married and Johnny has come to Sevenwaters with his Inis Eala warriors for a time. One of those warriors has caught Clodagh’s eye, and one of them is driving her nuts! There are a lot of strange goings on which culminates with Clodagh’s newborn baby brother being taken from the nursery when she was watching him. In his place is a changeling of sticks. Clodagh must travel to the Otherworld with this changeling in order to bargain for her baby brother’s return. She doesn’t know the way in, she doesn’t know how to find Mac Dara (the man responsible) and she doesn’t know all the rules. Along for the ride is the very warrior who was driving her nuts, but she can’t be picky now as she needs all the help she can get. She soon realizes that Cathal (the warrior) is hiding things and is more than he seems, but it isn’t until it is too late that she puts all the pieces together.

I loved, loved, loved this installment! The romance was perfecto! Clodagh was strong, smart and brave. I loved the little changeling, Becan. I cried when it was time for Clodagh to give him up.

Reading order of the Sevenwaters series:

• Daughter of the Forest
• Son of the Shadows
• Child of the Prophecy
• Heir to Sevenwaters
• Seer of Sevenwaters
• Flame of Sevenwaters

Favorite quote:

“You’re a rare creature, Clodagh,” he said. “You’re brimful of hope and compassion and love. I didn’t see all that when I first met you. But I did feel a spark. I felt an affinity. And I felt desire. It trembled through me at every toss of that fiery mane. It kept me sleepless by night and restless by day. With every kind word and with every sharp one you drew me in further.”

There is this amazing piece of art work based on this book.  I put it on my desktop while I was reading this book and I can't even tell you how long I stared at it.  The artist did such a great job of visualing Clodagh, Cathal and Becan.  The artist's name is Jon Sullivan.  Here is a link to his website: Jon Sullivan: Heir to Sevenwaters

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