Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Warlock King by Heather Killough-Walden (The Kings #3)

3.5 stars

This is the third book. By the time I read this there are still two more books out.  That is the way I like to read series, otherwise I forget things and it is agony waiting for the next installment.  This series is a spinoff of “The Big Bad Wolf” series and follows the 13 Kings of the supernatural realms and their quest to find their queens while also dealing with supernatural disasters.

The Warlock King is Jason Alberich (spelling?).  He was present in one of “The Big Bad Wolf” books but as a bad guy.  He kidnaps his childhood friend gone love obsession, Dannai Cage.  Since then he has seen the error of his ways, but there is still a lot of tension between Jason and the wolves.

Jason’s queen is Chloe who is apparently one of the original Akyri.  Even after finishing the book I am not quite sure how that makes her different from the next generations of Akyri, except she is mucho old. Chloe knows Jason is after her and she wants nothing to do with him.  She is running, but he continues to keep an eye on her from afar.  The 13 kings are heading into deep waters with the mysterious evil that they are only just beginning to understand. 

Not a lot happens in this installment except Jason and Chloe have a meeting of the minds.  It was kind of anti-climactic.  I am anticipating good things from some of the other kings.  I hope the Seelie and Unseelie kings are good as well as the Shadow King (very mysterious!) and I am not even sure we have meet the rest of them, but I hope there is more to their stories. 

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