Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Bloodline War by Tracy Tappan

3 stars

This is the first book I have read by this author.  I believe this is a series but it is the only book out right now.  It is set up in a way that you know there is more to come. 

The heroine is Dr. Toni Parthen.  She is hospitalized with a concussion one night after she is called in as the medical examiner for a bizarre crime scene.  The bizarre just keeps on coming for Toni.  She wakes up to a nurse trying to sedate her and as we all know; one must remain awake after a concussion.  The next time she wakes up she has been kidnapped.  The people who kidnap her tell her it is for her own good and explain she has special blood that allows the Varcolac (a race of humans that the myths of vampires are based off of) to breed.  The Varcolac apparently can’t make little Varcolacs unless the other person has this special blood and thus the Varcolacs are a dying breed.  Basically they give her three choices for mates and she is told to choose.  Obviously we know the good doctor will put up a fight.  To make matters worse, there are even worse people out to get her blood.  Part of the plot is confusing as it appears that Toni’s father wanted to get his hands on her to breed her with her half-brother?  This wasn’t said outright but I must assume that if this guys father and Toni’s father are the same, that makes them half siblings and he was definitely trying to make babies with her.  This is disturbing in that it was never brought up about them being half siblings.  Gross!  There is apparently something even more special about Toni’s blood than originally thought, but I am not sure we fully understand this yet. 

The problem with writing this type of story line is that the main character can sometimes come across as annoying to the reader who knows that the person that the heroine thinks is a bad guy is not bad at all.  So the reader is rooting for the Varcolac and Toni is fighting against them.  The author attempts to overcome this problem by making the previous women kidnapped and now happily married to Varcolac men, angry about how they are treated.  Only these women sometimes come across as annoying too.  It is hard because you know they were kidnapped and held against their will in the beginning and that is wrong and in real life no one would find this acceptable let alone romantic. 

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