Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Goblin King by Heather Killough-Walden (Book 4 in the Kings Series)

 4.5 Stars

I really didn’t anticipate liking the installment.  I have read stories about the Goblin King before and they were just ok.  The Goblin Kings name is Damon Chroi.  He is a very old fae.  Older than the Seelie and Unseelie kings (by at least a thousand years!)  He was banished to be the king of the Goblins (a race of fae) over a thousand years ago (so he is at least two thousand years old!)  He likes to watch My Little Pony and Highlander and like most of the kings, he is lonely.  He just wants to find his lovey! 

Diana is his queen to be and is a veterinarian.  She can heal (like Dannai Cage) but not being from the supernatural realm she hides this and only heals animals.  One night she runs into a goblin and it turns out this big lug just wants Diana to heal him.  I picture him looking like Big Foot or a Yeti but with super long finger nails.  Damon is at the scene and thus starts the saga of Damon winning over his queen. 

A side story (which I normally don’t like but really enjoyed this one) was that Evie (Vampire Queen) is kidnapped by Roman’s brother.  I loved the dialogue here between Evie and Rafael. 

The Seelie King is already out so I am looking forward to delving in, but I believe I have to wait after this :(

So far we have the Vampire King, The Phantom King, The Warlock King, The Goblin King, and The Seelie King.  We also know of the following kings: The Unseeling King, The Dragon King, The Time King, The Shadow King and The Winter King.  That is only 10 kings.  The hope the last three aren’t silly!    

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