Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dark Waters by Shannon Mayer (Book 1 in Celtic Legacy Series)

4 stars
If you are looking for an awesome UF series try the Rylee Adamson series by this author. It is one of my top favorites (along with Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs). Since I love Rylee so much I decided to give this a shot.
I like the idea of the story: two sisters, one destined to fulfill a prophecy. Irish lore.  One sister is taken and the other is trying to get her back and to do this she must accept the help of creatures she didn’t know existed before.  There are two factions of the fae in this and I really like the descriptions of the “bad ones”.  Quinn has a fear of the water and this drives many of her actions and reactions in this book, which is annoying but more realistic than making the heroine suddenly overcome her fears. 

There is a small amount of romance or what might turn into it, but right now it appears to be the beginnings of a love triangle, which I happen to despise. We will see how that plays out.
The main character Quinn, was a little annoying at times, making stupid decisions. Hopefully as she matures, that will fade. It was over half of the book before the reader finds out that Quinn is 26 years old. I was reading her as younger than that so that clarification should be earlier in the book, but I am happy she is older. 

Overall a good quick read. I will definitely read on.

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