Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout (A Lux Novel)

I have had this book for a while before I decided to read it.  I am not sure what triggered me to pick it out of the 13 pages of books I have waiting for me on my kindle, but something did and I devoured it in two days and before finishing I bought Opal which just came out this week.

Onyx takes up right where Obsidian left off.  Just a few days after the Arum attack.  Daemon is attempting to win Katy over, and Katy is attempting to ward off Daemon’s advances.  Katy is convinced that his attraction is from the healing connection and not her. 

Katy meets Blake in biology class and ends up going with him to a party that Dee and Daemon through and going out to eat with him.  This part was a little frustrating for me because Katy was clearly using Blake to make Daemon jealous and the vicious Ash attempts to make Katy jealous.  Katy finds Daemon’s interactions with Ash unacceptable, but she is carrying on with Blake!  It was like a love quadrangle! 

Daemon is convinced that there is something off about Blake, but Katy just thinks Daemon is jealous.  Who do you think is right?  Of course we all know that Daemon is right waaaaay before Katy does, but I didn’t have it all figured out.  I couldn’t decide whether Blake was good or bad, or if he was bad, how bad was he? 

Katy starts to train with her powers and does a good job with trying to get them under control.  She ends up finding people who were thought to be lost, and losing people that were initially found.  She loses a friend.  She also tries to unravel the whole mystery by herself.  I wanted to punch her sometimes because when she should have been telling Daemon everything she would keep it to herself to either protect Daemon or Blake or to prove a point that she can take care of herself.  A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G!  Spill the beans already Katy.  It is like watching a horror movie where the girl goes into a dark house without electricity and you know it won’t end well!  Of course, me, as a reader, can determine the future of Katy’s life safely from the confines of my couch and see all the flaws in her ways. :)

That is me, while I read this book.
When I thought the end was near, that I could take no more tense waiting and anticipation, it just kept going and will I knew certain people were bad, I didn’t foresee what their game plan was.  Well done, Armentrout.  Well done.   

Favorite Quote:

“He kissed me again, soft and deep, and he took away most of the hours spent there, even though I was sure they’d linger for some time, creeping up like most dark things do.”

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