Friday, December 21, 2012

Dream of Me/Believe in Me by Josie Litton

This is actually two books in one for a fairly cheap price.  I can’t remember exactly, but I think it is something like $3 per book. 

Brief summary of Dream of Me:

Cymbra is the stunningly beautiful sister of Lord Hawk of Hawkforte.  Lord Wolf has proposed a marriage to Lord Hawk’s sister in order to create an alliance between the Saxon’s and Norse against the Danes.  However, Lord Wolf is rudely refused by the lady herself and he seeks his revenge.  He infiltrates Lady Cymbra’s holdings as prisoners only to escape and kidnap Lady Cymbra.  He plans to humiliate her to ease his hurt pride.  Things don’t go quite as he plans and he marries Lady Cymbra anyway.  When Lord Hawk comes for her if she does not convince her brother that she is happy then Lord Wolf plans to kill her brother.  The rest of the story is how Lord Wolf and Lady Cymbra get to know one another and the other challenges that arise through this marriage of Norse to Saxon. 

Brief summary of Believe in Me:

Lord Hawk has proposed to King Alfred that more marriages between prominent Saxons and Norse could further solidify an alliance between the two.  Under protest, this puts Lord Hawk in the crosshairs.  Wolf has arranged for Lady Krysta to be Hawk’s wife.  Lady Krysta arrives under the guise of a servant of the Lady Krysta in order to get to know Lord Hawk better.  That plan proves to be faulty.  Daria, Hawks half-sister is…not a nice person and strives to make Krysta’s life unpleasant.  There is more unpleasantness for Krysta and Hawk as they travel to see the king in Winchester.  A whole different set of problems await Krysta and Hawk as they get to know one another than in Dream of Me, but the outcome is the same. 

I loved both of these books. There were strong alpha heroes and smart strong heroines.  I don’t have anything else to say, but I read 815 pages in less than a week.   I have an absolute of needing a HEA in my stories.  They are historical romance with a touch of the paranormal.   

Favorite Quote from Dream of Me: Cymbra to Wolf when they first meet:

“I can’t possibly sleep”

“Then perhaps we can find some better use for this pallet.”

“I’m almost asleep now”

Favorite Quote from Believe in Me: Krysta to Hawk:

“You had better be all right, you had just better!” she yelled, striking her fists against his chest.  The blows were so soft he could scarcely feel them but he knew better than to let her see that. 

“Ouch! Stop that, woman!  Udell did not cause me such discomfort as you now inflict.”

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