Monday, November 12, 2012

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

4 Stars
I read this book in spurts.  I enjoyed the beginning, then between 25-50% it dragged then I really enjoyed the last half.   But between 25-50% I would just read some then read something else, then come back to it.  I am glad that I finished it. 
Tack “Kane” Allen is the president/leader of the Chaos Motorcycle club.  We met his first in Mystery Man, and he also showed up again in Law Man.  He first meets Tyra at a Chaos party where they hit it off and end up getting it on.  But then Tack bursts Tyra’s “dream man” bubble by kicking her out and sending her on her way. 
Also, Tyra is Tack’s new office manager.  She knew this before hand, but Tack did not, and he doesn’t date people who work for him.  He wants to fire her and she gets mad and insists on staying (although at this point she believes he is a big jerk and wants nothing to do with him).  Also at this point, Tack changes his mind and decides that Tyra is a keeper. 
As with all books in this series, the heroine is under siege.  In this book, it is not her crap that is drawing the attention.  It is either 1.) her best friends fiancé (kidnapping by association) or 2.) Tack himself.  Tyra ends up taken multiple times.  I actually love those parts.  Not that I like for women to be kidnapped or beaten or stabbed, but I love how the KA heroes go crazy without their women and do anything to get them back.  My only complaint is that the actual action last about ten seconds.  Tack’s boys drew the fire away from him, he went in and bang, bang and the action is over.  I want some fighting or nasty villain dialogue in which Tack can smack him down. 
I loved that Hawk, Mitch and Brock were all in this and willing to do anything to help Tack get Tyra back.  We even Saw Hector and Sadie once too!  I love the “posse”, but it is obvious these girls aren’t as close as the Rock Chicks.  I am excited that Shy and Tabby get their own book and that means the start of a new series. 
Favorite Quote:
Hmmm…this is harder than usual.  I went through my clippings and I only had two from motorcycle man and neither were appropriate for a blog.  I also remembered that Tack and Tyra would make grand proclamations of love and it got old because people don’t talk like that. 

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