Monday, November 5, 2012

Conquering the Dark Axe (The Northern Knights) by Amber Dane

3.5 Stars
The story line was actually quite good.  This book was only a couple of bucks so my expectations weren’t high but I was in the mood for some medieval romance warrior stuff.  It wasn’t just about the hero and heroine falling in love.
Alexa is the sister that was promised to Rourke.  Now that Alexa’s sister is dead, the king has decided that Alexa will marry Rourke in her stead.  Only Alexa has been raised more like a boy and has never intended to marry.  She won’t make this easy on Rourke.  And Rourke has scars so deep he won’t let anyone in. 
A good chunk of the story is how these two try to hurt one another because they are scared how they feel and don’t want to be vulnerable.  Another aspect of the story are that someone at Barnett manor is trying to kill Alexa or Rourke or both.   And yet another aspect of the story is that a part of Rourke’s past that he thought long dead comes back and uses trickery and deceit into acquiring Rourke for his nefarious purposes. 
At times the lengths that Alexa and Rourke went to hurt one another got tiresome.  They always regretted what they would say, but too many times the author noted that the characters were too mad to care at the time. 
Overall, it was enjoyable. 

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