Thursday, August 28, 2014

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels #7)

5 (plus 5 more) Stars
I love, love, love anything these two put out!  They are my number one favorite authors!  (I also love Patricia Briggs, Jeaniene Frost, Karen Marie Moning, Darynda Jones, but Ilona Andrews is the best!).  I seriously love anything and everything they do.  This is number 7 in the series and I think there are at least 3 more. 

So much happened in this book!  We pick up a couple months after the last book where Kate and Curran traveled to the Black Sea with the promise of Panacea.  What they really encounter is Hugh (Kate’s father’s warlord) who has set up a test/trap for Kate and the shifters.  He wants Kate.  He wants the shifters (and most specifically Curran) out of the way.  After that whole debacle, Kate and Curran are in an uneasy state of watchful waiting back in Atlanta.  They hope that Roland (Kate’s father) doesn’t know she is in Atlanta, but they don’t know anything for sure. 

Curran goes to North Carolina to meet with some shifters about something or other.  How convenient.  Kate is in charge and has a meeting with The People.  Do you think this goes smoothly?  No way Jose!  She has got big problems on her hands and Curran is MIA.  Kate is of course racing against time, fatigue, pain, and a multitude of terrible things.  Hugh makes another appearance.  He is very unlikeable but at the same time I think I secretly like him (not as much as Curran obviously).  It isn’t a villain-you-love-to-hate scenario.  I enjoy his involvement in the storyline and his interactions with Kate.  I love that although the shifters and The People crap on Kate he finds this offensive.  Don’t worry, I am still all for Curran. 

So much happens in this book.  It is like the whole series culminated to this moment.  But there are still 3 more books so we have 3 more wonderful moments in the climax of this storyline.  I think I might have to re-read all these books in preparation for the next release. 

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