Tuesday, May 27, 2014

True to the Highlander by Barbara Longley (The Novels of Loch Moigh)

True to the Highlander (Loch Moigh, #1)3.5 Stars

This was a time travel romance that takes place in Scotland. Some of my favorite aspects right there: I love books that take place in Scotland (I wonder if Scottish people realize the obsession the rest of the world has with them) and it is about time travel. I compare all time travel books against the Outlander series so my expectations are high. This did not meet those standards, HOWEVER, when compared to pretty much every other attempt at time travel romance, this was extremely well written.

I think the hardest part of time-travel books is writing in the correct response by both the person who does the time traveling and those they eventually try to convince. There must be a certain level of disbelief on both sides because…it is time travel, but on the other hand if there is too much denial it is just plain annoying. This author struck the right cord on this topic which is a HUGE part of the storyline.

Altheia was likeable as was Malcolm. I actually didn’t see where the book was going, although I knew that Black Hugh would come back to play some part of the story line. I liked the little bit of extra that Altheia brought with her visions and I liked that Giselle was responsible and it wasn’t some mystic portal that no one has found until now.

The jury is still out on whether I want to read the next one although I read the first chapter with Robley and found that engrossing so that is a good start.

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