Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wounded by Shannon Mayer (Rylee Adamson #8)

Another 5 stars for Shannon Mayer:

Often series will go so far off track by the eighth book that I lose interest.  Not once has this author strayed from the original feel of the series.  I love these characters and it is not often that books or movies move me to tears, but I was crying at the end of this one. 

The storyline moves along.  Orion wants Rylee dead.  There are four packs of demons that are the precursor to the four demons that are akin to the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  These packs are either already here or are coming very soon.  Of course Rylee doesn’t get a break.  The story picks up at Doran’s where all of Rylee’s allies are meeting together.  Again, of course, this doesn’t go smoothly.  (I say “again” and “of course” simply because Murphy’s Law applies to Rylee.  If something can go wrong, it will and she is always jumping from one emergency to another).  I think this is all I can say of the plot without giving away spoilers.  I happen to LOVE spoilers and specifically troll the reviews hoping to find them, but people get very aggressive about them so I refrain :)

We have known for a while that Liam will die.  Liam has known for a while that he will die and it seems that others are starting to pick up on this as well.  Everyone except Rylee.  She is at a point where she feels she will break if she loses one more person close to her.  That she will no longer care about the fate of the world she is fighting to save.  Every time we turn around Liam is getting hurt and as a reader you hold your breath each time wondering if this is it.  I have maintained throughout the entire series that if either Liam or Alex is killed I am not sure how I will feel about this series.

Alex is becoming more dominant and at one point some character (perhaps Rylee) says that he will remember how to shift again soon.  Alex has been my very favorite character since the beginning.  Even over Rylee (which is probably against the rules).  He is sweet, loyal and very funny.  He doesn’t do anything that make him hard to love.  There is a part in this book where Alex just being sad made me cry, that is how much I love him.  I can’t even handle him being sad!
I HATE waiting for the next book in a series.  It is always wonderful to find an amazing series like this when it is at this stage and you can just read one book right after another.  These books are wonderful and I find myself thinking about the characters long after I have stopped reading.  Signs of a book addict if I think the characters in the books are my friends?  

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  1. Thanks for the review and saying what we were all afraid to. I think Alex is going to be the person that she will fall in love with in the prophecy.