Thursday, December 4, 2014

House of the Rising Sun by Kristen Painter (Cresent City #1)

3 Stars
First, I think it is important to note that this is a spin-off series from this author’s “House of Comarre” series.  I didn’t read that series and although they only mention “comarre” briefly I have no idea what that is.  Other than that you should be able to read this without reading that other series with no issues, although you can tell that Augustine is more familiar to the reader of the previous series.
This book has two main characters and we get alternating points of view.  Harlow is the daughter of Olivia Goodwin who is a retired actress.  Harlow doesn’t get along with her mom because Olivia refuses to tell her daughter the name of Harlow’s father.  Olivia lives in New Orleans and when Harlow gets in trouble with the Cyber Crimes Unit she has to ask Olivia for help.  Augustine lives with Olivia and has ever since she took him off the streets as an adolescent.  She saved him from a grim existence and he loves her dearly.  Augustine is forced to take up the mantle of Guardian (it means he is protector of everyone in New Orleans) after Olivia is attacked by rogue vampires.  Augustine wants revenge and Harlow just wants money to pay her fine and go back to Boston.
I enjoyed the premise and am currently reading the second book in hopes that Harlow won’t drive me crazy like she did in the first book.  She is probably the most selfish, childish, annoying main character I have ever read.  I am wondering if the author is trying to show growth with this character so that is why I am continuing to read.  Literally every encounter Harlow has with anyone was annoying.  She was estranged from her mother because Olivia wouldn’t tell her her father’s name.  There is a reason for that you spoiled brat!  Ugh.  I liked Augustine except that he seemed to has an unexplained attraction to Harlow no matter how bad she treated him. 

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