Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster (London Steampunk Series #2)

Heart of Iron (London Steampunk, #2)I REALLY, REALLY loved the first book in this series (Kiss of Steel). This one didn’t live up to my hopes and dreams for the series, but it was still enjoyable and I will be reading the next book (My Lady Quicksilver).

This book follows Lena Todd (sister to the heroine in the first book) who is human. She is the ward (secret half sister) of Lord Barrons (a blue blood, which in this series means they need blood to survive but aren’t a full fledged, nasty vampire yet). The hero is Will Carver who is verwulfen, which from what I can tell is just a really strong person infected with the verwulfen virus. I haven’t heard of him turning into a wolf, but he does battle for control and his eyes change color, etc.

These two have history and chemistry but are both trying to stay away from each other for different reasons. Lena because she is afraid of rejection and Will because he doesn’t want to infect Lena. However, obviously they are thrown together. Lena hasn’t gotten herself involved in a scheme with the humanists that puts her and her family at risk. Will is called upon by the blue bloods to further the treaty between England and two other nations. Lena must teach him the etiquette to survive amongst the posh blue bloods. Will gets a whiff of her schemes and attempts to uncover her secrets. It turns out they are working for opposite sides that both have noble causes.

I hope that the next book (which follows the leader of the Queen’s Army) is more like the first one. They had such amazing chemistry I devoured the book in a couple days.

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