Thursday, October 31, 2013

Raphael/Parish (Bayou Heart) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

4 stars

This is an interesting team approach to writing. Alexandra Ivy wrote the first novella, Raphael and then Laura Wright picks up the storyline immediately to tell Parish’s story. It was interesting and well done.

Raphael is a diplomat for the Pantera. The Pantera are a secret group of shifters who turn into Pumas. They live in the Wildlands which is in the bayou. There are a lot of legends about the Pantera, but modern society believes they are just stories and not based on truth. Raphael runs across a human female who makes him go crazy like no other female every has…and he has gotten her pregnant. Only that should be impossible and she remembers nothing of their night together except bits and pieces. Raphael must convince her that she belongs with him while keeping her safe. It seems someone is out to hurt her so Ashe must trust Raphael at least for a bit.

Parish is the head of the hunters (a faction of the Pantera, like Raphael being a diplomat) and he has been sent to retrieve Dr. Julia Cabot to help take care of Raphael’s mate. Only hunters aren’t known for their…diplomacy and he ends up just picking her up off the street and taking her to the Wildlands. Parish in particular is notorious for his dislike of humans. Most of this story revolves around Parish and Julie getting to know one another and Parish trying to persuade Julia to stay with him. It was sweet, but it definitely went fast.

I’m not sure if I am going to buy the next one or borrow it, but I will definitely read it.

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